Goddess in the Bedroom – Sunday Night

Goddess in the Bedroom:

Originally posted 10/11/15

I visited Maryhill Musuem on 10/11/15

Statue of Diana, Goddess of the hunt (1886)

by Albert-Ernest Carrier- Belleuse, Maryhill Museum

I actually took this while visiting today.

Artemis (Greek) – An independent spirit, she is Goddess is of the hunt, nature and birth. There are several different theories about the origin of her name, one school of thought says it comes from an ancient word for “safe” and another argues that it means “strong limbed.”   Either way the suggestion is that this maiden Goddess has the strength and ability to protect herself from any unwanted attention.”


Diana (Roman) – Goddess of the hunt and wild animals.  She later took over from Luna as the Roman Goddess of the moon, responsible for fertility and childbirth. Her name means  “heavenly divine,” reflecting her celestial role.”
I visited Philadelphia Museum of Art on 10/18/15

Sunday Night: Artemis

Find Your Goddess Archetype

 The Goddess in the Bedroom: Passionate Woman's Guide to Celebrating Sexuality Every Night of the Week, A Goddess in the Bedroom

I am continuing a second series on suggestions about incorporating the Goddess in daily, found in Zsuzsanna Budapest’s books, Goddess in the Bedroom.

Love Inside and Out

Day’s Name: Sunday is of course named after the Sun

Night’s Scent: sandalwood and lemon verbena

Bach Flower Essence: oak

Night’s Bath: Orange and Neroli oils

Visionary Dreaming

Night’s Spells: for purpose, blessing and restful sleep

Personal Note:

My second cousin was visiting and we went to the Maryhill Museum and the nearby Stonehenge replica in WA.

See more images of visit to Stonehenge replica here.

Back home in my bedroom.

janelightJane Leu Rekas, LCSW, is a mental health and transpersonal therapist in private practice in Hood River, OR.  She is also a seasonal color analyst, hypnotist, astrologer and Reiki master.  Facebook


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