Elemental Interview ~ Sol Jonassen

I want to introduce you to a beautiful soul….Sol Jonassen. Sol is one of the first people I connected with after joining the forums at New Paradigm Astrology. I vividly remember seeing her photo – it instantly jumped out at me, a stunning black & white photo with the only color being her blue eyes…


“This is my kinda girl” was my immediate instinct. We chatted and she helped me decipher my natal chart, I really resonated with her easygoing  manner and deep knowledge. A few months later I decided to get a professional chart reading from her. We talked for almost 2 hours, going over my struggles & strengths. The session (via Skype, since Sol is in Norway) ended with a profound insight being revealed to me: I belong here. “Welcome to Earth” she said…. which touched me especially because this exact phrase is in my very favorite quote by the late Kurt Vonnegut:


This session kicked off a very profound change deep within me. I literally felt rays of hope pierce through the diffuse clouds I had been under for so long. Sunday seemed the perfect day for her Elemental Interview….


Earth: What do you do to ground yourself & maintain balance?

I do a lot of yoga and meditation. I maintain a steady yoga practice 3 times a week and meditation every morning. Breathing is vital for being grounded, so having enough time to take a breath is important. If I feel my body is depleted, I lay down and chill until my batteries are charged again and I can continue with whatever duties I have in the house. Then I love working in the house. Doing things by force merely depletes my energy. With 2 young kids in the house it is easy to be overwhelmed. But daring to break the rules of always doing, keeps me grounded. My kids also keeps me grounded. Being a real work nerd, I have had the experience of not knowing how other people live their lives. They inspire me to be more engaged in what is known as everyday life. I like walking in the woods with them and have a great conversation with their awesomeness.


Air: How do you engage or feed your imagination/intellect?

I write, study esoterics or astrology and read. Meditation is also vital here, because it feeds my field with insights into what I currently studying and I get a nice feed from a higher realm every day. I also have a good deal of friends that I share with. I am lucky to have found my tribe. They are there to share with me their bliss and we feed into eachother like this. I find interesting things everywhere. That I blame my natal moon in Gemini for. Thank goodness for my incessant curiosity. Freedom from boredom indeed.


Fire: What motivates you to keep going, what inspires you?

I am motivated by love and joy. I love my work. I am like a little kid in a candy store and I feel so grateful to be able to have a work that is its own source of inspiration. I am a classic work geek, and there is just not enough hours of the day. I get an extra kick of inspiration wherever I find the beauty of logic, or of syncronicites. When I see that people get help or find inspiration through the service I offer, it is its own reward. I also feel extremely grateful when I get to learn more about what I am in the process of understanding. Nothing beats that moment when the right kind of information comes to you in the right time.


Water: what do you love, what engages your intuitive side?

Meditation again. It is hard to imagine a life without such a source of insight. It is where I can explore my intuition and explore if the connection of the first rule in astrology, as above, so below. I also like the intimate sharing of people. There is nothing duller than a relationship that never makes it to the deep waters.


Spirit: what is your personal, spiritual practice.What makes you feel connected to Spirit?

I practice the inner side of yoga, and I cultivate a conscious relationship to my soul. Truthful living is very important and I spent a long time resolving issues of purity complexes. The freedom of humans lies in the ability to not having to be perfect all the time. Finding this balance between being human and in a process, and still seek liberation from illusion is a great task that takes time. Humanity itself is a great source of inspiration in this sense, and I often feel that my greatest spiritual inspirations comes from those who teach me how to not do it . I also practice forgiveness. It sets me free to merge with love again.

Sol W Jonassen
I have been practicing astrology since I was a teen and started working with it relatively young. Meditation and yoga also entered that stage gradually and along with studies of energy healing. I am also a SoulFlow guide and a certified meditation instructor. I run Polaris Astrology conference and represent OPA in Norway. I write astrology for a big Norwegian magazine and give lectures nationally and internationally. I teach and consider myself an eternal student of the ancient wisdom.

It is amazing how one can feel such a strong connection to someone so far away….  Time & space have little sway when you have found a member of your Soul Group. Thank you, Sol, for the warm welcome and gentle insight you have given me. I am deeply grateful.

~ Blessings,


❤ Druyan


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