Elemental Interview ~ Jane Leu Rekas

Today’s Elemental Interview will be Jane Leu Rekas! Jane is a regular contributor here on SMG, and I really wanted to see how she connects personally with the Elements… Jane is fascinating to me because of how she blends the “mainstream” with the Metaphysical, and I love how she is constantly looking at the world from different angles. Curiosity is what drives us into Becoming, and my interactions with Jane have definitely fed my curiosity!

earthEarth: What do you do to ground yourself & maintain balance?

I will be answering these in reference to my Astrological Natal Chart.
my chart
The only earth in my chart are Pluto and Uranus in Virgo (which are part of my t-square). So I’m not surprised that I like to try to organize things to feel grounded. Now, I actually don’t have my whole life that organized, such as I have a problem with piles and filing. I love to sit on the ground itself and to have my shoes off and touch the ground with my feet. When I am doing Reiki, I start with people’s feet and send our energy together into the core of the earth. At work, I often wear Sandalwood essential oil, which I find to be grounding and to protect me from negative energy, when I need it.

Air: How do you engage or feed your imagination/intellect?
The only air in my chart is my North Node in Gemini* which makes me feel that sharing ideas is playful and fun for me… I always wonder about this, because I think of myself as pretty intellectual, but I suppose it’s a thought process of a different element, with my Mercury in Scorpio (water**). Also, my North Node makes me perhaps overly interested in being mental/intellectual?
“You came into this lifetime with a great deal of truth and spiritual knowledge to share. This is learning you accumulated over lifetimes of study and developing your intuition. Now you must must learn how to spread the “gospel” as you see it. You will either be loved or reviled by those you reach with your message. It’s not easy task. Some of the most controversial figures of our time show just how divisive north node in gemini can make a person. Ariel Sharon, Oliver Stone, Che Guevera, George Bush, Andy Warhol, O.J.Simpson, Salman Rushdie, Camile Paglia, Dr. Ruth, Robert Mapplethorpe, and Bertrand Russell all have north node in gemini. Like them, you must learn to join the society of man, exchange information with your peers, and broadcast your higher truth, creating admirers and critics as you do, but mostly making friends.”
**Mercury in Scorpio is passionate, and this comes through when they communicate. They usually want to help others, and may even share some of the insights they have… as long as they are about other people, not themselves. Their observation skills are beyond the pale, and more often than not have seen something others have missed.”)
Fire: What motivates you to keep going, what inspires you?
I have lots of Sagittarius Fire: Moon, Venus, Mars, Rising (the apex planets of my t-square). I love the metaphor of the archer casting arrows out into the philosophical world, pursuing lines of thought, and constantly expanding. I have a very integrative mind, meaning I want many things to connect and my world view evolves over time (as all of ours do). I also have a very integrationist spirituality. When not depressed (see my water), I am very passionate, artistic and creative. Also humanitarian and deeply compassionate.
Water: what do you love, what engages your intuitive side?
I have a water Grand Trine. I am a Scorpio, also with Scorpio Mercury and Neptune. I have Saturn in Pisces and Jupiter exalted in Cancer. So, I love deep exploration, do not love small talk. I love being of service, though I can be crabby about it at times. I love expansive philosophy. I have been mildly depressed most of my life, which I think can be a Scorpio affliction, because the desire to go deep can become heavy. I also am so compassionate and empathetic, that I take on too much of other people’s energy, and have to work on psychic protection.

Spirit: What is your personal spiritual practice, what makes you feel connected to Spirit?

I am less disciplined than I would like to be in answer to what practice I keep, but what I intermittently do involves integration of Astrology, Tarot, Wiccca, Buddhism, Mindfulness, A Course in Miracles, Gnostic Christianity, Self-Hypnosis, Reiki, Starseed Activation, Quantum Psychology and Transpersonal Counseling exploration.
From my Overleaves psychic reading from the Michael Teachings:

“My True Work / Life Task: Learning how to do sacred service; learning to become a healer. This comes from your North Node in the 6th House.

My True Play: Playing with communication, sharing ideas, speaking, reading, writing, exploring the world with curiosity, perhaps with a spicy irony and humor. This comes from your North Node in Gemini.

My True Rest: Resting at home surrounded by good food and comfortable furniture; also, resting by a quiet lake, river, creek or waterfall. This comes from your Jupiter in Cancer.

My True Study: The study of philosophy, higher consciousness, meaning, archetypes, religious beliefs and the mind. Part of your True Study involves personal research on how religious and mundane beliefs get formed by personal experiences and unconscious drives. This True Study comes from your Moon in Sagittarius in the 12th House.”

rekas reiki

 Jane Leu Rekas

LCSW, CHt: Reiki Master, Astrologer,
Licensed Clinical Social Worker,
Certified Hypnotist

Jane has a wonderful site, http://reikigodslove.blogspot.com, where she has articles about Reiki healing, Christ-Consciousness and a variety of other metaphysical topics.

Thank you, Jane, for going deep into the dark and bringing the gold to the surface for us all to see. You are a true alchemist…

❤ Blessings,


~ Druyan

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