Friday Forecast ~ 10/09


Photo by Maril Smith:

So much going on today, energetically! Mercury ends its retrograde, though we will still be in the strong shadow phase until 10/13 (and a weaker shadow phase until 10/24) ~ amazingly detailed explanation of Mercury Retrograde and all of it’s phases here:

We also have Venus exiting her retrograde shadow phase today, and she moved into Virgo just yesterday!

Venus is in Virgo from October 8-November 8. This is a time when we express our love through practical means and gestures–running errands, doing detail work, or just being there for our lovers. Love needs to make sense and have a purpose with Venus in Virgo. Virgo is an Earth sign, which is sensual but also quite practical. Besides our romantic natures, what we decide to buy and the types of entertainment we enjoy during this cycle is ruled by whether or not things make sense. We could easily feel guilty if we are too self-indulgent at this time. Rendering services to others can fill a need, and can be an expression of love. The shadow side of this position is being overly critical of our partners, picky, or worrisome.


For today’s energetic “changing of the guard” I chose a Crystal Prescription for Creativity!!!


All of this buoyant, fertile energy is setting the perfect vibe to get creative in whichever way you choose! Painting, drawing, cooking, sewing, writing, photography, sculpting, creative thinking – you name it – today is the day to get those creative juices flowing!


Please feel free to share the ways in which you will create today!

❤ Blessings!


~ Druyan

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