Facing the Shadow


What is Jung’s “Shadow”?

This topic has been tumbling around in my head over the past week… It seemed that everywhere I looked, there it was: Shadow Work. Embracing the Shadow. What does this really mean? After going down the Shadow Work rabbit hole, I decided I liked the term “Facing” rather than “Embracing”, and this video perfectly explains why….

When we embrace our shadow without the intention of transmuting it, we get too comfortable with it and start to make excuses for why certain behaviors or attitudes are ok (“That’s just my Shadow…”), when what needs to happen is to take a good, hard look at those uncomfortable parts of ourselves, those areas where we are engaging in negative behaviors and do the work it takes to change them. It’s not easy, but as Jung said:


Transformation. Rebirth. Evolution. A new Earth. Seeking balance within our souls in order to reach a higher level of vibration and human consciousness….this is what many of us are striving for right now. Autumn is a time to open your heart to your shadow side, and use it to help you grow on your spiritual path.

With the start of the harvest festivals last month, Mother Natures energy begins to shift. Autumn is a time of transition, transformation, and preparing for the introspection and hibernation of winter. Our pysches begin to turn inward, and the focus shifts to our “shadow side”. These retrospective energies are enhanced by the Mercury Retrograde…. combined with the power of the equinox (balance of light and dark), the balancing act of the Sun in Libra, and lots more astrological syncs that I will be writing about soon!

Shadow sides are a tricky subject. Since August I have seen more and more syncs happening with our “shadow selves”, and with the Autumn Equinox, I was finally ready to accept that my shadow side is a part of who I am. You can read about this in my blog “the Autumn Winds of Change”.

I want to share with you the experience I had while meditating to find my shadow side…….

Read the full article here: Facing the Darkness


~ By Jade Wolfwriter


(The Binaural Beat meditation Jade mentions in her article is here.)


A GREAT read on Jung’s esoteric side, I read this book a few years back and while I was reading it I began noticing many synchronicities that eventually led me into exploring my Shadow Self:

jungthemysticJung the Mystic


I hope that what I have come across over the last week will help you in your Shadow Work, as it has helped me. And, please, if you have anything you have come across that has helped you in this area feel free to share it in the comments!

❤ Blessings!


~ Druyan


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