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Anyone that knows me at all, knows I have a love of Tarot. There are so many fantastic decks out there to choose from, but I began to focus more on self-published decks after coming across the lovely mashup of vintage cards in the Deck of the Bastard created by Seven Stars at Tarot by Seven. I had looked around for vintage cards, and the prices just about made my eyes pop out of my head! When I found the Deck of the Bastard I was in love with both the cards and the price!

If you have any sort of inclination towards things vintage and love tarot, this is THE shop for you! Seven Stars takes vintage card images (worn & torn sides and all) and formats them into a modern, user friendly deck! You can tell she reads cards as well because the finish on the deck is superbly smooth and the deck I purchased has one of the best shuffles I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing. No sticky cards and they glide out of the deck like a dream!

DOTBDeck of the Bastard

One of my favorite features of the decks she creates is the many custom options she provides. You can choose the backs of the cards, and pick whether or not they have borders & titles/keywords (for Tarot) and some sets you can chose the size of the cards as well. Because these are self-published, you’re not locked in to one deck, there are so many variations and she will work with you to help you create the right deck for you.


I also had the wonderful experience of having her read for me, and her reading was so helpful; it confirmed some intuitive feelings I was having but not totally accepting. It really helped set me back on track and helped me appreciate my situation more deeply.

Some of the other items in her shop are:

~Lenormand decks~


~Custom Tarot Pouches ~


~Oracle Decks~

waterhouse oracle

~Pendulum Mats~


Along with many other gorgeous items, as well as readings, visit her shop to find out more…

and check out her website for much more info as well as customer feedback…

…also “Like” her on Facebook for updates & more!

tarotbysevenMore about Seven Stars:

For years I was a street reader in Omaha (now I read all over). I have been reading cards since 1987. In the fall of 2012, after looking for years for my “dream deck”, I gave up & decided to try to make one myself.
I had a lot of things I wanted in a deck. I wanted a useable, vintage deck that looked weathered, like it had been handed down for generations. I wanted an interesting old looking back, illustrated pips, and I wanted everything in English, and I didn’t want it to look like it was all dropped into a template. And so, after a lot of work, I came up with the Deck of the Bastard – a compilation of several old decks that I put together in such a way as to make one contiguous looking set.
I was really happy with the Deck of the Bastard, & I thought perhaps other readers might be interested in it as well, & so I put them up for sale on various sites, and took some to local shops.
Soon I started getting requests – some people wanted keywords on their decks, some people wanted Lenormands, custom backs, different decks, a movie producer even asked to use one of the decks in a movie she’s making called Tarot, A Documentary Love Story, coming out in 2014.
I love doing this sort of thing so I just kept rolling with it & making more things. I hope to keep doing this. This is like, “living the dream” for me.
I’m always working on a new deck, so I hope you will check back & sign up for my mailing list if you’re not already on it – I send out special sales coupon codes & announce new items when I finish them.
I deeply appreciate all the support I have gotten from readers all over the world – it’s most encouraging.

Thank you.

                 ~Seven Stars

Seven Stars is one of those women that I just love to come across, she has such a unique vision and you can feel how much she loves her work.

Thank you Seven Stars for bringing vintage cards back to life!

~ Druyan

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