Goddess in the Office ~ Tuesday

Tuesday’s Goddess: Oya


OYA! She is the aspect of Goddess energy that sees what needs to be changed and urges us to begin the process. But you and I both know that change is not always easy. As a matter of fact, change can be scary as we begin to move into unknown territory. Most of us want to be able to control our environments and lives. Before we are willing to change, we have to have all the details mapped out.

I am continuing a series on suggestions about incorporating the Goddess in daily, found in Zsuzsanna Budapest’s books, Goddess in the Office.


Find Your Goddess Archetype


Day of Will, Ego, Humor

Day’s Name:  Tuesday comes from the God Tyr, and Tuesday means Justice

Day’s Goddess: Oya of Aruba
Day’s Scent: Honeysuckle (sacred to Juno/Jupiter), and Lavender
Bach Flower Remedy: pine
Protective Scents: Bergamot oil
Day’s Gems: clear quartz crystal
Day’s Color: red, black or dark blue
Day’s Spells: for will and justice
Day’s Meditation: wild woman shows you what you really need (see youtube video below)
(tomorrow’s colors: yellow, white, silver gold, and gems are malachite, green turquoise or jade)

Personal Note:

Black Tourmaline with stones representing chakras.
Black Tourmaline handles negative energy.
I love to wear sandalwood, but was happy to learn that Bergamot does the same function of protection. I have always loved Earl Grey tea which you can even get with extra Bergamot.
“Protective Scents: Wear bergamot oil if you can. It is powerful enough to protect against evil… It is also important to protect yourself against self-blame.  The Bach Flower remedy for this is six to ten drops daily of pine.”

clear quartz meaning clear quartzSome associate Clear Quartz with the tarot card, The Fool.

Clear Quartz is associated with the Crown chakra.


Clear Quartz, White Aventurine, Amethyst

Discover Your Wild Woman: Shows You What You Really Need



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