Goddess in the Office

Between undergrad and social work grad school, in the late 80s, I worked in a wonderful independent bookstore (which no longer exists, called The Catbird Seat, in Portland, OR).  During that time, I pretty much spent a good part of my income on the books we had – with my employee discount!  The store specialized in psychology, philosophy, religion, recovery, etc!  I got my first copy of Starhawk’s book, the Spiral Dance, etc.

Another author I fell in love with was Zsuzsanna Budapest!  I discovered that she kept writing since I lost track, but at the time, I had two of her delightful books, entitled Goddess in the Office and Goddess in the Bedroom.  In these books, she goes through each day of the week, sharing the meaning of the day’s name, a Goddess, a scent, a gem, a color, spells and a meditation.


The Goddess in the Office: A Personal Energy Guide for the Spiritual Warrior at Work

Wise, whimsical, witty, and when it’s called for, deliciously wicked, America’s favorite witch stirs up an empowering brew for working women everywhere.

From receptionist to CEO and everyone in between, what woman wouldn’t want to improve something (or many things) about her hectic seven-day work week?

In this gift-worthy guide, Z. Budapest combines down-to-earth tips and traditional magic to help women employ their powers to:

  • get a raise  
  • increase productivity
  • repel sexual harassment 
  • protect computer data
                                                     …and much more


About the Author:

z-budapest“I was born in Budapest on January 30, 1940, on a terrible north-wind-whipped morning. My mother, Masika, then only twenty-five years old, had great trouble delivering me, so I was born by cesarean section. Mother was a famous sculptor who also happened to be a psychic, medium, and palm reader. She came from a long line of witches in the herbalist tradition. Her sister continued the line, becoming a pharmacist. The Hungarian revolution in 1956 changed my life. I escaped to the West and went to school in Innsbruck and Vienna, and later at the University of Chicago, studying languages. I married and had two sons. I studied with Second City, then with Viola Spolin, the mother of improvisation, and later at American Academy of Dramatic Art in New York. In 1970 I discovered the Women’s Liberation Movement, which led to another huge change in my life: I became a conscious woman. Feminism gave me so much. I decided to contribute seriously by connecting witchcraft with feminism, thereby sparking the women’s spirituality movement. I wrote the first feminist witchcraft book, The Feminist Book of Lights and Shadows, which later became The Holy Book of Women’s Mysteries; I followed this with two other books, Grandmother of Time and Grandmother Moon. When I am not working on a new book I like to work with women at weekend workshops, retreats, and witch camps, where we practice the remembered arts of witchcraft in safe circles of women. We use tools of dance and chanting, candles, and incense to lift our spirits. We take part in guided meditations and pay visits to our ancestors and the Wild Woman. We practice using aromas and Bach remedies for inner balance.”

I am going to go through this all next week and share how each day goes using the Goddess in the Office book!!!



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