Autumn’s Energy: Transition

I want to share this wonderful piece of writing about the transitional energy of Autumn by the lovely Jade Wolfwriter (from her blog modernmagick).


There is a tingle in the air. The slightest bit of vibrational change. Don’t look too hard, you will miss it. If you are open enough you will sense it, this slight apprehension in the wind…an electrical charge, bringing transformation magick to the Earth….

The Autumn Equinox has long been my favorite time of year. It offers a chance to transform, a time to reap what you sow, and an opportunity to prepare for winter’s hibernation (introspection). The Earth goes through many transformations during Autumn, she let’s go of that which no longer serves her -allowing herself room for growth and rebirth in the spring.

Autumn is a time for Harvest -This is our chance to reflect on our intentions we set into motion back in Spring, everything we have been working on manifesting all summer. Have you achieved your goals? Why or why not? Look back on your journey and your efforts and be proud of your accomplishments. Maybe you took some wrong turns and are now realizing your mistakes, learn from them….Maybe you didn’t consciously plan your goals, but either way, the time of transformation is upon us and we must head down a new path. The only constant in life on Earth is change, and yet we recoil from it. We build up walls to try and stop it. We view change as the ultimate enemy, when in reality it is the one thing that allows us to grow….

Read the full article here:

She has even includes a link to a binaural beat that creates positive-energy!


In keeping with the theme of using positive energy to get us through these transitional times (especially with all the things Mercury Retrograde tends to bring up…) today’s Crystal Prescription is for “Positive Energy & Thinking”:


I don't always*Positive thinking is not to be confused with Pollyanna Syndrome – where we blindly ignore things that we should be working on; we ignore shadow work at our own peril. This is the perfect time of year to transmute some of that darkness into light… dig in!

❤ Blessings




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