Fawn Berry Apothecary


The moment I laid eyes on Fawn Berry Apothecary’s sparkly-topped chakra candles, I felt the magic! Then I found out there was even more to love… “Blessed and sealed with sage and palo santo, each candle comes with a surprise crystal inside the candle! 100% soy, NON GMO USA sourced ingredients. Wooden wick, it crackles when it burns!”

Her 20 oz Tumbler Chakra candles include the following scents:
San Juan Sunset, Lovespell, Ocean Mist, Vineyard, Hawaiian Paradise, French Vanilla & Amber, and Very Berry.

In her shop she also carries Organic Salve:


“Most commonly used for rough skin, this salve also is great for hair, nails, scratches, bug bites & much more!”

and Organic Salt Scrub:


“Use once a week in shower or as needed, can be used daily on feet. Great mineral scrub to remove dead skin cells, exfoliate and refresh the skin with all natural ingredients. A little bit goes a long way!”

…I must admit, my heart did skip a beat when I saw that her price for these body-care items is $11.11 each! ❤ I mean, come on!


She also makes the most lovely dream-catchers, and you can even email her at fawnberry@gmail.com to consult for a special custom order!


Beyond the aesthetically beautiful creations she offers, I also LOVE the philosophy she adheres to.

Fawn Berry Apothecary understands the need for healthy lifestyles, utilizing nature’s most valuable plants and materials for Mind Body and Soul growth. It’s not just about our healthy intake, but our physical & spiritual consumption. If we but address only one part of our essential self then we are only healing on a surface level. Fawn Berry Apothecary cares about the individual, the plants, animals and how we all are connected. If we consume or purchase products that came from suffering and sickness we to can suffer and harm all parts of our essential self. Which is why Fawn Berry Apothecary wants to challenge the status quo, the quantity over quality market. We stand for community and its diversity. We stand for wildlife conservation and plant preservation. At Fawn Berry Apothecary, we have donated 5% of all sales to wildlife rehabilitation clinics and soon will be donating to the Humane Society’s Prairie Dog Coalition!

This is a call to all people, to heal yourselves, the way nature intended. Once we heal ourselves, we can heal the earth. Harmony is found within, Fawn Berry Apothecary is a vessel to that healing.

It Naturally Makes Scents.




Thank you, Fawn Berry Apothecary, for adding a little sparkle to the world!

❤ Blessings!



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