The Lunar Fae

After reading about the benefits of creating a crystal grid in your home, I set about finding some nice quartz points to purchase. Eventually, I came across a beautiful etsy shop called The Lunar Fae. I’m not gonna lie, the name immediately grabbed me! The second thing I noticed was the beauty of the photographs, the warmth and love I felt from the images.


I went ahead and purchased a grid kit and anxiously awaited its arrival. When it arrived, I instantly felt amazing energy as soon as I opened the package. To my surprise, there were some extra goodies inside! She included a raw Apatite (which ended up being exactly what I needed) and a little package that contained something very special.


She started something called the Earth Gifting Project. As I read the insert, I knew exactly why I had been so drawn to this shop…. Here is a woman doing something really beautiful for the planet. She included 2 tiny quartz points, one to keep and one to program with love and give back to the earth!

After reading about this project, I was smitten with Evangeline’s energy, her shop The Lunar Fae, and her beautiful Earth Gifting Project. She includes the Earth Gifting crystals and instructions absolutely free with each purchase, and she also provides a non-profit listing in her shop (shipping and cost only) if you need extra.

                                My grid, all set up!

Please take a moment (well, let’s be honest, you’re going to need a little more time than that, with all the gorgeous items available in her shop!) to check out her shop and her project. As an extra bit of fun, she asks that you take a photo of gifting your crystal to the Earth and share it on Instagram, #EARTHGIFTINGPROJECT, to keep us all connected. How lovely is that?! ❤

I am saving my crystal to bring along the next time my family goes to the river….

A little bit more about Evangeline:

whitelight OGI am Evangeline, the owner of The Lunar Fae shop and blog. I am a certified Master in Usui and Nontraditional Methods of Reiki, a self- taught yogi and wire wrap artist, and I work as a Young Living Independent Distributor part time. I am an empath with a passion for nature, crystal hoarding, photography, and living a sustainable, organic lifestyle. In early 2014, the rhythmic twist of the wire engulfed my spirit in flames of passion and I have been creating wire woven crystal treasures ever since. I created the Earth Gifting Project, a small movement dedicated to gifting attuned crystals back to mother earth in January of 2015. I am currently working on deepening my meditation and further developing my spiritual gifts. I am so grateful to be able to share the earth’s magick with so many beautiful people.

Sending love and light!


~ Druyan


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