Mercury Retrograde Sept. 2015



Mercury retrograde is almost upon us (Sept 17th-Oct 9th) and, in preparation for it, I wanted to share this beautifully personal piece of writing about the last retrograde we went through from blogger, Jade Wolfwriter.

By Jade.wolfwriter.88

When someone says Mercury’s in retrograde, the first thing that comes to mind is communication issues and technological problems. This was very obvious to me as my husband and I spent the past 2 days bickering. (To be clear, I was not sure on the dates of retrograde until today (Tuesday) and hadn’t thought much of it before Monday -so it’s not like I went into the weekend thinking “my husband and I will probably argue bc of mercury rx”…, I have been objectively/subconsciously riding the waves of the Rx for the past 2 days…) My laptop has been in the shop, and we have had nothing but the worst time communicating with the shop’s employees -the computer is still broken! In addition, every single plan I have made since last Saturday the 16th has gone down the drain. Everyone has canceled, rescheduled, or something came up where I couldn’t go through with my scheduled arrangements. That being said -it is easy to feel like the Rx casts a shadow over your world, a shadow that you want to shy away from…it makes the next few weeks look like tough terrain…


Another theme associated with this cosmic event, is that of looking into the past…this is a very broad topic and there are so many ways we can reflect on our lives. My father, whom I haven’t spoken to in 5 years, (and who was never really around and treated my mom like shit), was in my mind last night. As I laid down for bed and my mind began to wander, a clear and crisp image of my dad appeared in my 3rd eye. My empathetic abilities kicked in, and I swam with a sudden wave of emotional sadness. What is my father doing now? What does he look like? Is he well? Sick? Maybe he thinks of me, and is sad. Maybe he thinks of me and feels guilty and sad but his own insecurities and problems hold him back from ever attempting to make amends….These are the sentences that flashed through my head as I conjured up an aged version of my father from the depths of my memories. Truly I have never before thought of him with any kind of compassion or forgiveness in my entire life. A moment later I literally shook the sadness from my head, and asked myself why on earth I was thinking of my father. It was seriously so unusual, and when his image came to me I felt that familiar psychic link I have come to associate with “picking up on other people’s vibes” as I put it. LOL. (It really does feel like a foreign thought!) I knew at once it was the work of Mercury retrograde. As I considered this, I realized that a precious gift had been given to me -the ability to forgive. Because of my blast to the past, I had unearthed feelings for my father that I didn’t know I had…I’m not saying I’m ready to give him a call, but I am no longer looking back with only contempt for him…It is very possible that he is a different person now, as I am, and wishes things were different…without this insight provided by the retrograde, I may have never been receptive to him again….


So perhaps looking into the past involves digging up old feelings and reconsidering, perhaps it offers a new perspective to show you why things have played out the way they have in life….I think the key here is to be ready for anything and stay aware of any opportunities to learn from the past…I know this isn’t the only visit my past is going to make during these next few weeks…

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Mercury retrograde often means going back over things we thought we had completed. To help us prepare for what’s ahead, Jade has graciously pulled some cards for us to meditate upon as we begin to accept this energy into our lives…..

For our reading I prepared with meditation, and channeled the energies of Kali and Hecate, dark Goddesses associated with this impending Autumn season. I burned the goddess candle, blessed my third eye with full moon water, and burned sage. In a trance state I held the Druid Craft Tarot cards and stated my intention: “What message does the Universe have for us during the Mercury Retrograde”?


I used several crystals;

Left side top to bottom:

-clear quartz geode charged under the full moon: psychic enhancement

-raw blue sodalite: communication, throat chakra

-elestial quartz: communicating through higher vibrations

Right side top to bottom:

-raw amethyst: psychic enhancement and protection

-lithium quartz: communication through higher vibrations

-labradorite: the stone of magick


I also like to tell everyone that my altar room is protected by not only my own psychic shield, but also a crystal shield of snowflake obsidian and selenite.

Enjoy ☺


* 5 of Swords –reversed

The suit of Swords is associated with conflict, aggression and often heartache. Its corresponding element is Air. Air bring aspects of intuition and wisdom -so often the conflict indicated by sword cards is inner conflict, imprisonment of the mind, either willfully or against one’s will.

Mercury retrograde provides ample opportunity for miscommunication and conflict, even within yourself….this is an appropriate card to open the spread with, setting the tone for our typical Merc Rx feelings…

The message of the 5 of Swords is one of defeat, remorse, regret and despair….You may have recently made a decision that you wish you could change, or have been plunged into something you should’ve seen coming. Although it’s easy for our ego’s to punish us when we make mistakes, we must remember that it is through these mistakes that we learn. A strong retrograde theme is that of “bringing up the past”, and we may find that issues are coming up again, and we are feeling guilty. But any powerful feeling offers the opportunity for catharsis, a chance for spiritual renewal. Meet these Merc challenges head on, try burying the hatchet –forgive yourself and be renewed.

*Strength –reversed

Strength is part of the Major Arcana, which represents archetypes that are influencing every part of our lives right now in this earthly plane.

The Strength card reversed indicates feelings of conflict (there’s that Rx conflict!), specifically indecision. We are having difficulty integrating all aspects of our lives and our confusion and indecision has left us paralyzed. Our seeming inability to be the person we want to be, may be causing us to feel like failures, viewing ourselves as weak.

The Strength card reminds us to turn inward, taking time to explore feelings and thoughts and sort through our indecision. “It is only by becoming aware of the forces that flow through us that we can begin to integrate them”. This is very synchronous with the energies of the Retrograde…those of turning inward, confronting our uncomfortable thoughts, sorting through the rubble, to be born anew. It also ties in nicely with the 5 of Swords, and the astrology of September’s New Moon on the 13th (just days before the Rx!!) ☺ Don’t you love those syncs?!

*Prince of Pentacles

The suit of Pentacles is associated with the element Earth, and as such, invites feelings of healing and necessary grounding. This is an auspicious card at the end of our Merc Rx reading, indicating this is ultimately a healing process and the best thing to do is to stay grounded.

The Prince of Pentacles is practical and dependable, some may say “level headed”. We need to open our hearts to the energies of the Prince of Pentacles, and he offers us defenses against the stormy weather ahead. Channel the energies of Earth and remain steadfast through the rough terrain that is Merc Rx. We are sure to come across some obstacles and roadblock… Stand your ground, accept that this is an opportunity for reflection and inner growth, see what you can learn from your shadow side….and be ready for whatever Mercury has in store for us this time!

~I hope this reading resonates with you and provides some insight and guidance for the upcoming retrograde, I am honored to share the Oracle’s message with you,

Blessed Be~

In love and light,



For a personal reading to help you with the Mercury Retrograde energy, please visit Jade’s etsy shop where she has a variety of readings available for purchase!

❤ Blessings,


~ Druyan


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