Eclipse in Virgo


Sept 13th, 2015: New Moon eclipse (Solar) at 20 degrees Virgo, 2:41 AM, Sunday

Tomorrow is the first of two eclipses we have this month (not to mention Mercury going retrograde 5 days later on 9/17).  It will be a partial Solar Eclipse that happens when the moon and sun are in the same area of the sky, thus a new moon, and the moon is essentially in front of the sun, between the sun and earth.  (The full moon on 9/27 will be a Lunar Eclipse, in which the earth is between the opposing Sun and Moon).  The new moon in Virgo at 20 degrees will also be opposing transiting Chiron in Pisces. (Look for personal planets in your chart 16-24 Virgo, Gemini, Sag, Pisces 16-24 Aries, Libra, Cancer or Capricorn).


Anytime the moon is in Virgo, we will be feeling practical, thoughtful and oriented towards details as well as service to others.  When we have a new moon, the effects are about 2.5 days in terms of aspects, but last until the following full moon.   “In the sign of Virgo, work and health matters will be a major focus on a personal level. This eclipse is about new beginnings regarding work, attention to details, fitness, health regimes, and daily routines (source).” When we have an eclipse we are beginning a much longer cycle of effects, up to six months (and we have two this month).  We have also been having eclipses on this virgo-pisces axis already!

“Flaws in an important system in our lives are revealed around the time of the eclipse, prompting us to redo or to start fresh. We may find ourselves completely re-working this area of life… For some, a new “calling” will surface in the coming six months. A new line of work that better matches our inner nature, desire to serve, or emotional make-up may unfold in the months following this eclipse.” (source)

lunar eclipse

Keep in mind that normally we want to set our intentions for the next month on the New Moon or just after it becomes exact, watching to not do it when the moon is void of course.  When there is an eclipse we want to wait about 48 hours because the energy is intensified.  You may want to wait until we feel more grounded, September 15th.

I have tried to follow the new and full moon lunations in my life, by placing them into my chart to see which house arena they fall into.  I also like to follow the lunar phases in application to my Expressing Your Truth focus on authentic fashion expression.


The magical energy of the new moon is for setting new intentions (though wait 48 hours due to the eclipse). You can use it to commit to new ways you are going to be creative or develop something new in your life. You can use this time to dream your closet. What do you want to fill it with? What do you want to draw in to you? How is your closet feeling energetically for you? is it supporting you? What is needed to enhance this? This is a great time to build your pinterest boards, create polyvores or even make photoshop collages or paper ones.

Since this new moon is in Virgo, this is a practical time for reorganizing! The magical energy of an eclipse is for releasing things from your life, so this is also a time to cull your closet to make room for the new.

Look up where 20 degrees Virgo falls in your house, for the new moon:

and solar eclipse:

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See more of the details at:



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