Venus Goes Direct


The big astrological news this week is the planet Venus going direct. She has been retrograde in the Sign of Leo since entering a stationary retrograde position at 0 degrees Virgo waaaay back on July 25th. As of Sept. 6th she hit a stationary position at 14 degrees Leo and will finally leave the retrograde zone at 0 degrees Virgo on October 9th.

(Here is an excellent and very comprehensive article I came across that explains the whole Venus Retrograde cycle: )

She is forcing us (thanks to some help from taskmaster Saturn) to take an honest look at our relationships and clear away any negative Karmic ties that we may still be holding onto. This brings the space for new love energy to enter our lives, and as with pretty much everything, it begins within. Self-Love. Not the selfish, ego-driven “ME first” kind of love modern society loves to promote, but real Self-Love, the kind that is gentle and understanding and sees that all is one.


From entering this space of love within ourselves, we can now give our love freely without expecting anything in return, knowing that we have an abundant source of love from within that doesn’t need external replenishing. One of the most positive results of this knowing is that we no longer depend on others to fill us with love because we now know it’s already there!

This frees us in our relationships to really engage and connect, instead of taking and being dependent. Of course we can still exchange love energy with others, but it’s not in a way where we’re in any way depleting eachother. The exchange is pure and not from a place of ego-need.



Venus on seashell, from the Casa di Venus, Pompeii. Before 79 AD.

Years ago someone I only interacted with for one brief (but intense) conversation told me something very profound; that most people walk around as half circles, looking for other half circles to complete them, to make them feel whole, when what they really should be doing is completing their own circle. To be whole as an individual. When we are whole unto our Selves, we then seek other whole individuals so that when we join together the symbol of infinity is created. May we love ourselves enough to complete our own circle.

infiniti heart

On Friday there will be a very special post including a spiritual cord-cutting exercise to help clear out any old Karmic connections that we have realized we don’t need during this Venus Retrograde.

Stay Tuned!

❤ Blessings,




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