Crystal Guidance

I remember the first time I saw one of the Crystal Prescriptions by Jen from Crystal Guidance…

Having recently joined Pinterest, I was feeling a bit overwhelmed with all the available content. I was already in a place where I was having a lot of mental fog, and the bombardment of information wasn’t helping…. Then I saw an image of Crystals for Mental Clarity and Focus, and felt that special something; that inner “YES!”

I already had a few of the crystals she suggested and so I started carrying them with me, where before I would just hold them here & there, usually during meditation or ritual. To my delight, it really worked!

My First Crystal Rx:

mentalfocusSince then, I have consistently checked out her Crystal Prescriptions, and have learned so much both about individual stones and stone grouping. The synchronicity of having one of her Crystal Prescriptions pop up, either on Facebook or Pinterest, right when I need it has been amazing.

Healing and health has been a major life-theme for me over the past 2 years and this Prescription has been so helpful!


Her site is so full of information, and you can just feel how dedicated she is to what she’s doing and how much she loves her work. It’s fitting that she works with crystals, because she truly IS a gem!


Some of the topics she covers include:
• Archangels and Associated Crystals – A brief photo list of the 15 most common Archangels, their colors, and crystals.
• Aura Quartz Family – A list of 7 of the Aura Quartz crystals, how they were created, and metaphysical information for each.
• Chakras – Brief introduction to the 7 major chakras and crystals to help bring balance.
• Crystal Caution and Toxic Stones List
• Crystal Cleansing Tips – Different methods of energetically cleansing your crystals.
• Crystals for Students – Crystals that are helpful for students of all ages.
• Full Moon – All you want to know about cleansing and re-tuning your crystals with Full Moon energy.
• Gem Elixirs – A quick “how to” on creating your own gem elixirs and crystal essence water.
• House Protection – Protect your home energetically from negative energies.
• Marketing Names, Trademark Names, and Synonyms – Old Rocks, New Names Reference Guide.
• New to Crystals and Not Sure Where to Start?
• Prosperity and Abundance – Attract and manifest money into your life with an abundance check and crystals.
• Zodiac Crystals and Birthstones

She also has self-published a Crystal Oracle Deck, be still my heart!

crystal oracle

Crystal Guidance Oracle

About Jen:
I am a self-diagnosed crystal-aholic with ADOC (Attention Deficit OH CRYSTALS). I have always collected crystals for as long as I can remember. I still have my crystals that I collected as a young girl from various vacations. My first crystal, a raw Rose Quartz, found me at a garage sale when I was about in the 2nd or 3rd grade. I still have it over 20 years later. *smile* In 1998 is when I really started to collect crystals and study their metaphysical properties for healing. My collection now has over 250 varieties of crystals – just over 1,000 total if you count duplicates – and is always growing with new pretties.
I create crystal healing intention jewelry which you can find on my Etsy shop. I love being able to make beautiful jewelry that serves a purpose. I am proud to say that by popular demand I am now selling crystals as well. I absolutely love being able to hand pick crystals for people that I feel resonate with their energy. It is a blessing!
August 2010, I became a level 2 Usui Reiki practitioner. I have always known, even as a little girl, that I was meant to be a healer. Although my passion has always been to help heal the emotions. I grew up, especially as a teenager, being a “psychiatrist” to my friends.
In the Spring of 2011 I became interested in working with Oracle and Tarot cards. Although they are a lot of fun, they aren’t quite me. That is when I stumbled upon reading crystals like you would read Oracle cards. Now this clicked! I have always believed that the crystals a person likes will tell you about them, so this new-to-me form of divination became a perfect fit.
On a personal side of things, I am married to the most wonderful man who supports me with everything I do. I am a stay-at-home mom for our 2 boys. Now with them both in school I have the time to further pursue my interests in crystals and healing. I am also in the midst of working on a book to teach children about crystal healing and a web site to match.
Plus I have self-published my own crystal oracle deck, which was released on May 1, 2012.

Check her out!



~ Druyan

…and because I have to put it 😉
“Disclaimer: I am not a doctor and cannot give out medical advice. Crystals and energy healing should be used as a compliment to other therapies and not as a replacement for regular medical care.”


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